7 Fashion Tips for Men

Fashion Tips

Dressing well is actually an art. And like any other form of art or skill, one can improve and master it. You have to understand that no one is born in a perfectly tailored suit or with an inbuilt guide on how to slay in dressing game and fancy dress competition. It takes practice and inner desire to uplift your style quotient and leave an impact where ever you go. Here are a few tips that would help you to revamp your look and step up your dressing game.

  1. Wear your confidence

They say the first impression is your best and last impression. A person with confident body language and posture is more likely to leave an impact on people than one who is shy and unsure of himself. Hence, being confident plays a major role in improving your personality.

  1. Proper Fit

Having clothes with proper fit can solve more than 90% of your styling problem. When clothes are too big for your frame, the excess fabric makes your figure appear fatter, sloppy and shorter than it actually is. Men wear ill-fitted clothes because they seem comfortable or they have absolutely no idea regarding how proper fit can improve their appearance. A right fitting plain t-shirt and pair of jeans can make anyone look effortlessly stylish while an ill-fitted expensive suit can make you appear stout and sturdy.

  1. Buy Classic Styles

It’s understandable that you would like to create your own personal unique style statement. But before that, it is important to understand the fundamentals of styling clothes. So it’s always wise to grasp the elements of classic style and later add your own elements to it. Again classic items like a leather jacket, white sneakers, blue denim jeans, 50’s classic white t-shirts never go out of trend.

  1. Neutral shades

Neutral colors like black, blue, grey, white, beige, brown, khaki and olive are another characteristic of classic apparel. These colors give a refined and masculine look to your style. They are not overpowering and hence easy to mix and match. On the other hand, bright colors like orange or bright pink can be difficult to coordinate with other elements of your attire.

  1. Breaking through the comfort zone

Although starting out with plain simple clothes is a good idea, sticking to them for too long will make your life boring. We all need a little splash of color in our attire as well as life. Consider playing a game with a number of levels. Here, while playing a video game you don’t go from level one to level ten directly but you move through all the consecutive levels. Similarly, while stepping out of your comfort zone you won’t like to jump from classy black jacket to neon green one. Instead, your next possible step would be trying a blue or brown jacket.

  1. Footwear

Still wearing a pair of running shoes or flip-flops with every outfit? Even today people judge your status or net-worth based on the type of shoes you were. Hence, it’s wise to invest in a pair of shoes that can go together with most of the outfits that you already have. Therefore, invest in good quality leather shoes that are comfortable and durable to wear for at least the next few years. Use the right accessories like a watch or a contrast tie to give your ensemble an additional edge. A mild perfume or cologne can also add lots of value to your overall sex appeal.

  1. Avoid fashion trends

Fashion trends change quickly and hence are difficult to inculcate in your personal life unless you are a multimillionaire who can afford a completely new wardrobe now and then. Avoid anything that is in trend but won’t stay in the market for a long duration. Stick to timeless pieces with classic patterns, colors, and textures that are around since ages.

Final words

So if you want to look dapper and stylish at your next meetups or get-togethers try to follow these tips and guidelines. All you need to do is get clothes with the right fit, choose proper shades and patterns, stick to the classic and slay with confidence. If you still feel lost, seek advice from a professional who can help you to develop your own personal style.

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