7 Bohemian Jewelry Pieces You Need To Add To Your Collection

Bohemian Jewelry Pieces

As soon as someone says bohemian jewelry, we tend to get this breezy feeling and visualize silver and turquoise. But bohemian jewelry, which is in trend currently, is more than just that. There are so many elements to it like glass bottle necklaces, dream catchers, leather chains, raw birthstones and so much more.

Although the range of bohemian jewelry is becoming wider by the time, there are a few articles that should be in everyone’s collection.

Here are 7 must have bohemian jewelry items for every accessory enthusiast :

  1. Midi Ring Set

Midi ring sets were in trend in the 90s. FRIENDS fans might remember Phoebe with multiple midi rings in many of the episodes. But then the trend disappeared all of a sudden. However, midi rings made a re-entry in the second decade of the 21st century and became as popular as they were before. Midi rings with small gems paired with chunky rings make for a great look for a beach day or music festival look.

Midi Ring Set

  1. Coin Neckpiece

Coin neck-pieces have become very famous as ethnic jewelry. You can easily pair a heavy Boho coin neck-piece with a flowy long dress or off shoulder loose rompers and create a hip look for yourself. A light and long coin necklace can also be rocked with a pair of jeans and a basic tee.

Coin Neckpiece

  1. Wristband

Chunky boho wristbands with a gem in between are just what a girl needs to rock that casual and yet chic attire. Pair them with any dress or even your swimsuit and a swervy look is complete. You can also for a beaded wristband which is lighter and more flexible.


  1. Layered necklace

Layered necklaces are very much in trend due to deep neck dresses and tops. You can get them in any length: short, medium or deep. Short layered ones have a choker length chain with a few layers in an increasing order of depth. They can be paired with a basic V neck tee as well as a plunge line evening gown depending on the kind of layered necklace you choose.

Layered necklace

  1. Quartz Pendant

Quartz pendants are one of the most minimal and yet very elegant pieces of jewelry and they go extremely well with flowy summer dresses with a little flaunting neck. However, they can also be parser with a set of denim and a casual top.

Quartz Pendant

  1. Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot sandals are more elaborate anklets that cover the front of the foot. They’re extremely pretty and usually, the chunkier the better. You can also opt for lighter ones and pair them with boho tattoos. However, this jewelry item is mostly used for beach days so that you can walk in the sand with bare but embellished feet.

Barefoot Sandals

  1. Ring Bracelet

Ring bracelet is just a hand version of barefoot sandals except that you can wear them casually as well. A good way to rock them is to pair them with a contrasting summer dress or a light evening gown. However, you can also pair them with your swimsuit and enjoy a pretty beach day. They range from chunky disks to just minimally beaded thin chains.

Ring Bracelet

One right accessory can change your entire look. There’s always a bohemian jewelry for every dress. Other than the above mentioned, there are so many more based on mystic symbols like stars, sun and moon, feathers, sea waves, and everything nature. Look in the right place and find your favorite one.

Ring Bracelet