6 Places of Kerala That Is Both Enchanting And Dangerous

Places of Kerala

Kerala is the face of South India. Every year, more than thousands of tourists across the world visit this place just to pick the flavors of its natural beauty.

Whereas, most of Kerala’s place has been tagged as being serene and amazing, there exist the opposite side of the coin as well. If you love adventure and prefers dangerous places over any tourist place any day, this article is for you. Have a read.

  1. The Silent Valley

The silent valley of Kerala is one of the places that have been tagged as enchanting and dangerous at the same time. Silent Valley National Park is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and it is home to millions of exotic floras. However, it was not named as the Silent Valley at first. But after the abundance of the lion-tailed macaques, the British named it the Silent Valley.

Thus, the silent wood of this park is something that will entice you into exploring more. The dangerous part is that Silent Valley is very much prone to forest fire, especially during the summer time. Also, it is believed that this place has been influenced by Maoist as well.

  1. Kollam Beach

Kollam beach is another place where you can experience the amazing beach vibes of Kerala. The long and beautiful beach of Kollam is mesmerizing and it is always stuffed with fun activities. A flock of tourists visits this place every year because of the serenity of the Kollam beach.

On the other hand, Kollam Beach can be deadly too. The waves of this beach are quite deadly and if you do not pay enough attention, you might end up dead while experimenting too much with the waves. So, always listen to the lifeguards whenever you are deep into the sea.

  1. Trichur Forest

Trichur forest of Kerala has been termed as the hub of campers and trekkers. The green woods and frequent whistles of the birds have made this forest one of the best places to find the serene nature. But this forest has been rumored to be haunted as well. Many campers or trekkers have seen the spirit of a little boy at night. Though this spirit has not harmed anyone, it is surely one of the best places in Kerala to get spooked a little.

  1. Ranipuram

The green-capped hill station of Ranipuram has been eye candy for many trekkers. From the top of this hill, you can witness the raw beauty of Kerala Nature like nowhere else. The highest point of Ranipuram, Manimala, is the main target of all the tourists.

However, there is a cave in Ranipuram which is quite dangerous for the beginner trekkers. If you are not careful enough or trained in the cave hunting, you can get lost in the narrow paths of the cave quite easily. Thus, it is advised not to enter the cave without the guidance of some experts.

  1. Lakkhidi Viewpoint

Situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala, this viewpoint is one of the famous viewpoints of Kerala. And it is not only famous for its landscape serenity but is also famous for its haunted feature as well. It is said that there are souls in the forest trees and they can lure into a death trap into the forest.

  1. Boancaud

The Bonacaud region of Trivandam is 40 kilometers away from the main city and it is a famous spot for all the trekkers out there as well. Lots of trekkers and campers visit this place every year. However, this region is heavily crowded with wild elephants. Thus, there are no sureties that they will not harm you. It is better to be careful and have guidance with you.

Kerala is mysterious in her own way. It can be enchanting and dangerous at the same time. And it is up to you to explore both of her Avatars. Have fun!