5 Simple Steps: Creating A Brutalist Portfolio Website

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Brutalism was a form of architecture that developed in post World War II Europe which featured exposed concrete and other construction material apart from repetitive geometrical patterns throughout the whole design. Deriving its name from the French term béton brut meaning raw concrete, this movement is now influencing web designers who are creating websites that feature primitive HTML and rough graphics and do not conform to any standards of contemporary design. Artists and other professionals are increasingly using this design form to display their body of work and let’s read about the process to create a brutalist portfolio website.

Step 1: Conceptualization

The process starts with visualizing the idea or the notion behind the creation of the online venture. The moot point is how much are you willing to push the envelope as such designs do not follow any set pattern of rules and most of them do away with generic website features like the header and footer thus making navigation difficult. People looking to generate revenue from their endeavor may feel hesitant to move ahead with such a concept but if implemented creatively and strategically, it can in fact help in enhanced user experience. A minimalist basic structure can be used and so can be a single color heavy format and it is advisable to sit with your designer with the creations that you want to showcase to decide upon the best course of action.

Step 2: Platform For Development

The medium chosen to create an entity and embellish it using the characteristics of brutalism has to be one that supports the unconventional design and facilitates the incorporation of the various out of the box features. Many owners are converting from PSD to WordPress or migrating their existing websites to this format because of the availability of brutalist themes on the platform which can help complete the job of transforming the look of the portal quickly and conveniently. Even if you lack technical proficiency, the framework can be used for the purpose without much effort. The motive behind exhibiting your work is to generate business and therefore the virtual catalog needs to be updated and modified constantly. The platform for the creation of the portfolio must be chosen keeping the needs of scaling and easy modification in mind. Do not hesitate in asking for professional help as the whole process will be then accomplished quickly and smoothly.

Step 3: Research The Idea

It is one thing to get influenced by an unorthodox idea and quite another to execute it and to create a brutalist portfolio website, thorough and in-depth research needs to be conducted regarding all the design aspects. Brutalism usually has a profound visual impact on a viewer, whether by the extravagance or the diametrically opposite minimalism employed. The character of the target audience can be used to select from the two styles while also conveying something about your personality. Once the selection of style has been made, it becomes easy to choose the color scheme of the virtual brochure, which can be two-toned with black and white the primary colors and earth tones providing the contrast. Gaudy shades seemingly splashed around randomly are also used with the royal blue hue dominating the palette. The typography is another facet where no conventions are followed with oversized or overlapping text and purposely displaying them in bad formatting. Whatever be your choices, make sure that the end product is legible and not too over the top.

Step 4: Inspiration For The Project

The reason behind using this uncommon and distinctive style should be that of genuine influence and not because one wants to simply stand out from the crowd. The format can have an intense effect on a viewer and if that is the case then identify the core theme that impressed you and study it as much as you can. This inspiration is what drew you to the concept and elaborating on it will give shape to your dream. Reading about it and watching design forms will give you ideas that can be used in the presentation of your artwork and styling of the website.

Step 5: Project Development

Once you have visualized the whole plan. Move ahead and build the website by expressing your creativity. The format is not bound by any rules and you can experiment and play with all the aspects of web design. Use your imagination to the fullest and innovate while building layouts or selecting the typography for the text. Build the whole project around the core concept that inspired you and use suitable color shades for the background as well as textual material.


The organic process to create a brutalist portfolio website can be as fulfilling for an artist as the action of producing the artwork for which the virtual device will serve as a promotional vehicle. The online enterprise can be an outlet for inventiveness and imagination and at the same time help in generating economic benefits.

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