5 Amazing Themed Gift Basket Ideas

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Sending gifts to people is always a nice idea. It makes that person feel special no matter what the occasion is.

For hampers delivery, one can check the online sites or else one can make some lovely gift baskets for the near and dear ones. The best part of a gift basket is, one can match them with any budget and arrange them accordingly. There are various types of gift baskets that one can make depending on whom they are sending it to. The small hampers and some nice treats make the basket look like thoughtful one.

Gift baskets are the best when they have a proper theme. It makes the thing easier to make the basket and also add the items accordingly. Here are some gift basket ideas according to the theme:

5 Amazing Themed Gift Basket Ideas

  • One can go for a breakfast themed basket idea which they can send it to any couple for their wedding anniversaries or any other occasion. One can add a big jar of pancake mix along with some pancakes and homemade pastries. Along with that there must be some bacons, chicken sausages and hash browns. Apart from that, a tin of cookies and a jar of coffee beans is a must.
  • An ice cream basket can be a perfect one if you are trying to send a gift basket to a child. They are going to love it. One can add tub of sundaes and other flavours of ice cream along with a bottle of chocolate sauce and also some fresh fruits for the toppings. One can also indulge the taste of the person to whom they are gifting it, if they know them well.
  • A manicure gift basket is a lovely idea when one is sending it off to a person who loves doing it. Some people are obsessed with their nails and so it is a good gift for them. One can add some nail cleaning materials along with a few colours of nail paints, a nail paint remover and a hand cream in that basket to make it look perfect.
  • In winter, sending a hot cocoa basket to people you love, will keep them happy and warm. One can add a jar of hot cocoa beans there along with some winter candies and a tin of chocolate milk. One can also add some brownies to get some brownie points for the basket. Apart from that, in this basket; some syrups. Whipped cream and marshmallows are the must.
  • There are many people who are obsessed with cars. For them, a car themed gift basket is a perfect idea. A good car wash, a nice car perfume, some car cleaning clothes and a car key chain because they are going to love it.
  • There are certain fruit baskets that may contain only a single fruit variety like apple basket, orange basket etc. There are mix fruit baskets as well which may contain different kinds of fruits like pomegranates, apples, guavas, grapes, pineapples, peaches, strawberries etc. Thus, you can choose any kind of fruit basket as per your preference.
  • There are certain fruits that come in a particular season like the best variety of apples comes during winter season, peaches and plums are the best in summer season, in spring season one can find the best strawberries and avocados. So, if you want to gift a fruit basket as per the season then you can make a choice accordingly.

Apart from that there are plenty of gift basket options that one can think according to the occasion. They have to be themed depending on what the occasion is. For hampers UK cheap, one can try and find them on online sites as well.

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