4 Types of Breast Surgery and their Cost Overview

Breast Surgery

Having a large size of the breasts would be troublesome of many women. The condition is also known as macromastia. It sometimes causes physical pain and calls for emotional suffering. However, a number of ladies might learn to survive with the physical as well as the emotional difficulties that appear with having large breasts. Other might wishes to answer the condition with the help of reduction mammaplasty or breast surgery. Well, the right breast surgery can boost the self-confidence in addition to offering the physical relief.


Breast augmentation or even enhancement surgery is referred to a process which restores or even increases the dimension of the breasts with the help of the fillers which includes saline implants, silicone gel implants, and in many cases with the help of fat transfer. Therefore, it is one of the popular and widely executed surgeries. There are four unique breast augmentation methods to boost the size and shape of breasts:

  • Making use of the silicone implants
  • Making use of the saline implants
  • Making use of the gummy bear breast implants
  • Following the fat transfer breast augmentation

Different kinds of Breast Implants

Saline breast implants

These sorts of breast implants are packed with sterile water of salt. Must the implant shell leak, a saline insert will fall down and the saline will soak up and naturally debarred by the body. These implants give a right shape, firmness, and feel, and are FDA –endorsed for augmentation in women who are 18 years or more.

Silicone breast implants

They are filled with the right silicone gel. The gel gives a feeling of a natural breast tissue. In case, the implant gets leaks, it may remain inside the implant shell or even escape into the pocket of the breast implant.  An implant having leaking filled with silicone gel will never get fail.

A person selects a silicone implant to need to visit the plastic surgeon on regular basis to confirm that the implants are working in a proper manner. An MRI or even ultrasound screening can examine the state of breast implants. This method is only applied to the women who are 22 or more in age.

Structured saline breast implants

This kind of implants is normally is having an inner structure and packed with sterile salt water. It is aimed to create the implant highly natural.

Gummy bear breast implants

Stable form type of implants is known as gummy bear breast implants since they keep their shape smooth when the implant shell is busted. Here, the constancy of the silicone gel in the implant remains thicker as compared to other conventional silicone gel implants and remains firmer than others. The execution of the gummy bear implants demands some bigger kind of incision in the skin.

Breast Lift

Are you suffering from saggy boobs? Needs to change the shape and tone of their breasts? It normally happens due to breastfeeding or even pregnancy. Even known as mastopexy, the surgery is completed to create a fuller broken by lifting the drooping breasts and turning them firmer.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery accurately implies rebuilding of a lady’s bosom. The reconstructive surgery is a choice for women who have had a breast cut down due to breast cancer. Making use of the special plastic surgery approaches, a cosmetic surgeon effort to reinstate the affected breast. It just has to near normal shape, size and looks following mastectomy. The surgical procedure is also aimed at restoring regularity in the middle of the two breasts.

The process normally includes more than a single surgery. There are two techniques to rebuild the breast – by fixing a kind of implant, known as an expander, and by using bandanna taken from one more body part. The expander that is like to balloon is first implanted under the chest and skin muscle and then is slowly packed with a saline solution at episodic intervals to make a new shape of the breast. The normal time taken to complete the surgery is around one to six hours according to the complication of the surgery.

Cost of Breast Surgery

If you are looking ahead with firmer breasts, you must understand the breast lift surgery actually cost. This is NOT an affordable process and while you’re shopping for a good contract, it would be finest to consider the risks it involves. In India, the cost of surgery which includes implants ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.3 lakh.

Period of recovery

The period of recovery differs from patient to patient. After the surgery, the physician is going to place bandages around the breasts to stop swelling. The dressings are worn for numerous days. After they are detached, you will require making use of a surgical bra. This bra is planned to avoid excessive pressure and provide enough assistance to the new breasts.