4 Major Coconut Oil Benefits For Kids

Coconut Oil Benefits For Kids

Everyone loves their kids and they are always concerned about making healthy choices for them. But if you’re uncomfortable to see the unending list of those chemical ingredients that you can see on the body oil or baby cream that you want to buy for your little one, you should wait and think twice. Most of the parents, today, choose to go with natural products when it comes to skincare. The reason is that we have a porous skin that absorbs almost 70-80 percent of anything that we apply on it. Besides, one has to be very careful about the hair care products as well because it’s the time when you set up the tone for your kid’s hair as to how well they’ll grow as your kid grows.

A good natural solution for skin and hair issues for kids is coconut oil. Derived from fleshy coconuts’ meat, it’s probably among the healthiest of oils out there that can be chosen for kids. There are a lot of studies that prove the benefits of coconut oil for skin and hair. But you have to make the right choice first.

Go With The Best Coconut Oil

It is important that you do not go out there and pick an old jar you find on the shelf. Besides, all the coconut oils aren’t made the same. Make sure that you go with cold-extracted, unrefined virgin coconut oil only to enjoy all the benefits it can have for your kids. When cold processing is done, the oil doesn’t break down and is kept intact. The process doesn’t remove or break down any naturally occurring phytonutrients that are found in the coconut oil. Besides, it also helps in preserving the natural antioxidants that are good for health.

Some process, on the other hand, uses toxic chemicals and heat and it breaks down the oil which removes the good elements found in it. Furthermore, some of the refined oils tend to be deodorized and bleached. As a result, the quality of the oil can be altered and it can act completely different and may not have a positive effect on kids as intended.

Coconut Oil

Some Major Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Kids

As mentioned earlier, coconut oil can have quite a few different benefits for kids. Here we have listed the top 4 of them.

  1. It’s The Best Frizz Tamer

If you love many of the kid’s hairstyles found at Mr. Kids Haircuts but don’t seem to try them out because of the frizzy and tangling nature of your kids’ hair, coconut oil can help you with that. Instead of going with some expensive spray for de-tangling the natural frizz, you can use some coconut oil to naturally treat your kid’s curly hair. It will help with easy and quick brushing as well. Obviously, toddlers do not like to sit tight for long and let their moms pull and brush their hair. There are studies that show coconut oil as an anti-lice agent as well. It proves to be handy for school-going kids.

  1. It Can Help With Different Skin Conditions

Coconut oil also carries anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and can be helpful in treating acne, eczema, nappy rash, and nipple thrush in nursing moms. Those off-the-shelf baby toiletries are often deodorized and have lots of chemicals used in them. They can add a toxic load to the little bodies of kids. They can block pores of their skin and cause irritation as well. Rather, you should rely on coconut oil which turns out to be the natural moisturizer with non-toxic properties.

Different Skin Conditions

  1. It Can Treat Cradle Cap Naturally

Cradle cap, a fungal condition mostly found in the infants, can be treated naturally with coconut oil. You can soothe the condition easily at home simply by using a small amount of coconut oil as it carries the high content of lauric acid as well as some anti0microbial properties. The oil can be used for soothing the area that’s been inflamed and offers moisture to help with the loosening of the flakes. You can then brush them off after few days.

  1. It Can Be Good For The Baby Massage

Coconut oil is known to have nourishing healthy fats and can be an ideal product for baby massage. And, if your kid loves to be massaged, you can’t find a better natural product than coconut oil for that. Such messages can be beneficial for sleep as they have a calming effect. Besides, they can be helpful in boosting their immune system as well as assisting with digestive system development.

So, choose coconut oil for your kids and enjoy all these benefits for skin and hair. In fact, there are quite a few other benefits as well that your little one can enjoy once you’ll incorporate coconut oil in their daily routine in one way or another. Just go for it to give your child the care he/she deserves.

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