3 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips to Grab a Competitive Edge

Instagram Marketing Tips

Being an entrepreneur, you know that operating an online business is never an easy task. You need to go to great lengths to ensure your organization has a viable social media presence. It helps to generate interest among your customers to brand products you are offering to sell them. Experts suggest you use Instagram as a marketing vehicle to achieve your objective. They point out that this popular networking platform has approximately one billion active users. They even expect this figure to increase further in the next couple years. That is a statistic you cannot afford to ignore off hand.

Why use Instagram as a platform you market your brand products?

Psychologists say all entrepreneurs should be aware of specific facts when it comes to promoting their businesses. Most human beings recall only 10% of all information they hear. However, when they read this same data from a reliable source, this percentage increases to 20%. On the other hand, they can remember almost 80% of the images they see. The members of your online target audience fall under the same category. That is one of the most important reasons for the popularity of Instagram among prominent businesses. The people consider this social media networking platform as a suitable marketing vehicle to promote their products.


Such experts point out the following important three reasons why you need to use Instagram to market your products to your customers:

  1. Visual content is a critical component of your overall marketing strategy

Your online customers are more likely to respond positively to photos and videos in comparison to text posts. Recent studies in this field show the level of engagement you are likely to expect from this form of visual media is almost 650%. Using Instagram can enable you to achieve this level of interaction with your target audience. It is also an excellent way to increase the number of real Instagram followers who show interest in your business.

  1. A valuable goldmine of essential insights and relevant feedback

Your customers are always sharing information about your interesting posts to the people they know. You want to monitor and analyze such online conversations. By going through their ‘likes,’ ‘shares’ and ‘comments,’ you can get an insight on their views of the brand products you are offering to sell them. This type of feedback can help you make the necessary modifications to ensure such goods stand out in the market.

  1. Opportunity to reach out to a broader target audience

In recent years, the number of active users on Instagram is almost one billion. That is a massive online market for you to exploit with your brand products. Even if this is not possible, you need to attract the attention of even a fraction of these people. It can act as a catalyst in increasing your bottom-line revenues to levels you could never imagine.

The above three reasons should be enough to convince you that having a business profile on Instagram is a necessity. You can reach out to a broader online target audience with your brand products. You are also in a position to gain the competitive edge over your business rivals.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.