2018’s Bathroom Remodelling Trends

Bathroom Remodelling

Among many year resolutions, many of us wish to have one the most amazing bathroom for our homes. Be it a bathroom remodeling or bathroom renovation, everyone looks for unique and trendy styles so that their bathrooms look stand out among the others.

You can cash 2018 to make your bathroom one of the highlight of your home. They reflect your personal tastes and standards of living. That is why people fall for remodeling their bathrooms instead of renovation, even the professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Plantation FL also suggest the same. Here are 5 trendy designs of this year that will help you achieve the goals for your new bathroom.

Smart Toilets

This is the world of smart technologies. From smartphones to smartwatches, wrist wears and smart cars are available in the market, then why nor smart toilets?

Smart Toilets

Here are some of the features that you will see in these new trendy smart toilets for your homes.

  • Warm seats
  • Auto lid opener
  • Closing feature
  • Adjustable air dryers
  • In-built deodorizers
  • Wireless music player
  • And more.

Vanity Lights

If you have seen aesthetic bathroom lights in the passing years, wait for a little and you will see the changing trend of light. Vanity lights are becoming the center of attraction in the modern bathrooms with the interaction of mirror lights, giving your bathroom an amazing look. The modern lightening features in your bathrooms give a luxurious appeal and feeling that defines the style. You can add light bars and wall scones close to your bathtub, making your bathroom wish list to be true.

Vanity Lights

Underfloor Heating Systems

If you wish you have an international bathroom design in your home, you can choose underfloor heating systems. The system will keep your floor warm and you will feel the delight to walk on the floor in the extreme winter’s cold. The underfloor heating system is not restricted by any floor type or by any room type. You can have them under tile floors, concrete floors, vinyl or wood. You can also enlist underflooring heating when looking for kitchen remodeling estimates in Plantation FL.

Experiment with the Tile Shapes

The market is full of tile shapes, sizes, and colors but to get one of the best you have to wait until the mid of 2018. You will witness ingenuity with the wall and floor tiles that is hard to believe. Gear yourself to see new trends in the markets with your floor and tile designs. Some common shapes are

  • Hexagon
  • Diamond
  • Arabesque
  • Moroccan fish scales

Efficient and Luxurious

Smaller bathrooms are becoming trendy this year as compared to previous years where the people look for big bathrooms. With smaller bathrooms, we do not mean that they are not fully equipped with modern needs but they tend to be more efficient and offers more luxuries with the unique interior fixture to blow away your mind. Below is a list of some of the features that your small bathroom holds.

  • Unusual sinks
  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Unique cabinets
  • Wireless technologies

Do you still need anything to make your bathrooms trendy?