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Girlfriends ask, boyfriends deliver: Design your own luxury sex toy

January 10th, 2011 · 1 Comment

I estimate that at least half of the sex-tech entrepreneurs I’ve written about over the years are men who say they invented their product or service at the prodding of their wives and girlfriends. In many cases, the women keep their day jobs to support the household and prop up the business, and the men try to bring the product or service to market before the whole enterprise crumbles under the weight of financial ruin. (I mention this in case you are one of those people and wondering if you are the only one in the boat. You’re not.)

The most recent “girlfriends ask, boyfriends deliver” inventor I’ve talked to is Jimmy, of Made to Pleasure, which launched on January 3. Made to Pleasure offers a few “off the peg” sex toys that you can just buy, but what sets it apart is the design-your-own toy boutique.

Using the online design tool, you start with a template and then add or subtract length, girth, swells, and dips. An animated 3D preview lets you examine your work closely from all sides. Choose from clear acrylic, gold, or silver and submit the order. How long it takes to receive your new functional sculpture (heh) depends on how complex your design and material.

The design tool is very well done, simple and effective, and includes enough Help documentation to warm my little tech writer heart.

Prices range from £80.00 for the off-the-peg 5.3-inch Ellipse to more than £500.00 for a 7.1-inch custom-made gold dildo.

I sent Jimmy an email mini-interview to get more background on the company and the custom design service.

Who are the people behind MTP? What is their background?

Myself and my business partner are the founders / owners and are both designers (both men by the way) and have worked in the design industry for 12+ years. We currently employ a female designer who takes the lead on design elements of the site and products and see that women will make up most of the design team as we grow and add product lines.

We came up with the idea for MTP when our girlfriends happened to strike up a conversation about the lack of thought that goes into existing toys. They liked the look and quality of Lelo’s toys but felt that there wasn’t something for everyone. We saw the potential for MTP then.

Have they designed sex toys before?

We haven’t no. But two of the regular testers have … before you ask, I’m not able to divulge who they are or who they worked for though.

How many testers, in total?

We worked with 23 testers on a regular basis and have one off feedback from another 8. We have an ongoing testing program to develop new shapes and materials. They age between 22 and 45 and are all in full- or part-time employment in various professions varying from secretaries right up to managing directors of blue chip companies. The boutique was developed in parallel with the toy designs and proved to be an amazing tool for them to express what they wanted. The feedback split roughly into 6 types of preference of use, which are represented by the 6 Off The Peg designs. As you may have realised, you can take each of the range into the Boutique and tweak them to fit your own preferences.

How long does it take to receive the bespoke toy after ordering?

If it’s clear acrylic we can do it within 2 weeks, maybe faster in some cases, that’s delivered via UPS. Gold and Silver take at least 3 weeks. {Note from Regina: Made in and ships from the U.K.}

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  • 1 Simon // Jan 21, 2011 at 11:45 am

    Very cool! They should add an engraving option.