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I gotcher sex toy discount code right here

July 9th, 2010 · No Comments

I noticed that polyamory author Jenny Block is gettin’ all coupony with Good Vibrations, so I negotiated a discount code for my readers too — at though, because that’s MY client. I’ve written everything in the Community section so far, and I’ve even filled in on the blog while our star blogger Elvira is galvanting around Europe. Oh and I wrote the Test Your Sex Toy IQ educational quiz, too.


It’s good for 10 percent off one order and you can only use it once, so don’t waste it on something cheap.

EstaNoche’s selection is smaller than some stores but it’s because they’re focusing on all the best stuff (yes, I consulted a bit on that too; you’re welcome) and of course they only launched a month or so ago so the catalog is still growing. But they’ve got OhMiBod, nJoy, Aneros, Tenga, Fleshlight, Sqweel, Red Hot Touch videos and books, Tristan Taormino’s videos and books, and these really pretty stick-on body bling things from Bijoux Indescrets that I bought but have yet to try on.

Sparkly stick-on boobie bling

I’m having a great time writing for them — in Spanglish, no less, as we are being playful with the language. I’m picking up muchas palabras I did not learn in la escuela (lo siento, señor Contreras, y no es necesario afilar mi lápiz o ir al baño.) I’m ex-Hispanic by marriage and I now regret that I was too shy to talk dirty in Spanish to mi esposo.

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