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Tip: Using twitter for sex play without involving your coworkers

April 17th, 2009 · 3 Comments

A Sex Drive Forum member asked recently how he could use Twitter to share explicit photos and other playful aspects of his sex life with some of his followers but not others, without having to manage two Twitter accounts. Stacie Adams of A Kinky Sex Life had a great answer, and gave me permission to publish it here.

stacie-adamsI use two services in tandem that let me manage my naughty tweets in one profile and the rest of my professional friends in another. It’s quite easy when you get the hang of it, using entirely free sites. The best part of twitter is that as you expand your presence on the other social networks, you can usually feed your tweets right into them so you are updating all your profiles with one message:

  1. Set up a account and add your two twitter profiles. Add their hootlet button to your browser bookmarks bar and when you want to tweet a site, it lets you choose which profile to tweet from, without ever having to log into hootsuite at all.
  2. I use for posting my videos and photos. They don’t seem to have xxx content restrictions, but I haven’t tried anything really naughty there yet. I set it to post to twitter whenever I upload, and I can even email content to it from my phone. You can do same on flickr, but I couldn’t get it to integrate with twitter after many attempts.
  3. I use to organize twitter followers into groups based on various criteria so I can look at the different streams separately. Very handy.

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