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Why Aren’t Women Buying the Je Joue?

April 19th, 2007 · 3 Comments

I just got this email from a toy buyer for adult retailer PleasureMeNow NSFW:

So, after reading your articles about the Je Joue, and your anger towards retailers who won’t carry an item that they think is too complicated for women to opperate, I convinced my bosses to add the Je Joue to our inventory. I’ve come a different conclusion about why companies won’t carry it – customers aren’t buying it! It’s rather expensive, and at the end of the day, it’s a vibrator. Granted, it’s a very advanced, woman-friendly vibrator that deserves a fighting chance in the over-populated, low-quality world of adult novelties, but it’s still a vibrator that costs hundreds of dollars. Now, our customers aren’t afraid to pay some good money for an item they think is worth it – we sell tons of Love Machines, Sex Swings & Stands, etc., but we have yet to sell a single one of these nifty vibrators. A $50 rabbit vibrator, most people won’t think twice about. But a $300 vibe that you have to program yourself? That seems to make people blink a bit. So, while I completely agree with you, that women are more than capable of enjoying and experiencing the Je Joue with a minimal level of brain-strain, I think the price tag on it scares too many people away. Maybe in the future, the savvy designers can come up with a way of reducing the price without reducing the uniqueness and quality.

Maybe the Je Joue folks should ship the units with more than 10 pre-set programs on the handset, drop the price by $50, and stop with the romantic-but-vague “personal pleasure” copy and start emphasizing just how well the thing simulates oral sex? Because vibration isn’t all that it does, and in fact if all you want is vibration, you might as well get something cheaper.

I don’t know if the thing is “worth” $300. It depends on how much money you have and whether you’ve already bought an iPhone and an MP3 player. It’s one of my favorites and yet I still don’t use it as often as I use one or two of my other vibrators, because most of the time I’m looking for a quick release (“push the reset button”) rather than a more leisurely and more intensely pleasurable experience.

For phone or IM lovemaking, the Je Joue is the best, whether you customize the programs or not. It’s the closest thing to cunnilingus other than an actual tongue, and it doesn’t get tired or neck cramps either. (Which is not a dig at humans, by the way – we call get tired and neck cramps, and that’s part of it, and that’s fine!)

So tell me: why would you not buy one? What could PleasureMeNow do to sell what they’ve got? Is it an awareness thing? Do we need to catch a celebrity with one in her purse to encourage more development along these lines?

For a while, the Je Joue was on the bestseller list at Babeland. Maybe you have to be able to touch it to realize it’s worth buying.

Comment away.

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  • 1 cyberkyst // Apr 19, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    The price throws me off, probably the same reason I’d never buy a Sybian (tho’ I think I’m a tad adverse about a sex toy you plug into the wall!). I can think of a lot of other things I can do with $300, too, and while the idea that it’s the closest simulation of oral has piqued my interest, I don’t know if I would ever indulge myself.

  • 2 chzimmerman // Apr 19, 2007 at 4:46 pm

    Adult toy manufacturers should really pay some female celebrities with sex-friendly images to carry one in their purse and take a spill in a public place. The company gets the endorsement, the celebrity gets the income from endorsing a product and their image as being a sexual creature is enhanced. It would be better than a print ad because it’s much more suggestive that the celebrity uses the product.

  • 3 Nathan // Apr 22, 2007 at 6:04 pm

    From a business standpoint, the price and the price of alternatives are what make the product unattractive. The perceived benefits do not justify a 300 dollar sex toy to the general public. A marketing gimmick of some form may help give exposure to individuals that can afford it, but the higher price is going to keep the Je Joue in a niche of a niche market. However, one alternative, and I have no expertise in sex toy manufacturing, is if PleasureMeNow can devise a more efficient manufacturing process, that can be seen in a lower price point. Obtaining raw materials that cost less than what they use now could be an alternative. Although, lower product quality could result. Unfortunately, my gut tells me this product is going to have a hard time, if it makes it at all.