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Is it the 25th yet?

March 25th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Mercury is in retrograde until the 25th.
Mercury retrograde, astrology’s Murphy’s Law

Computers crash, software develops unexpected glitches, traffic jams ensue, telephone service snarls up, letters get lost on the mail, machinery breaks down, new projects fail. Ah, yes, the trickster Mercury is up to his old pranks again. In fact, at least three times a year for about three weeks each time Mercury has his way with us.

- snip -

In general the effect of Mercury retrograde is annoyance. Little things get snarled up and a low-grade frustration emerges. Anything involving communications, verbal activity, technology, short trips and journeys, primary education, and siblings can be affected.

Here’s a list of what has crashed or broken in my tech world in the past 48 hours:

- Couldn’t print to network printers at the day job, had to call IT
- Wifi, see previous post
- Windows (well, duh)
- iPod (might have to do a full restore, which is fine except my 26G of music is backed up on the desktop back home, and I’m still away from headquarters with the laptop – but that’s okay, because I can fill it up with new podcasts to tide me over, if I can get it workin’)
- Kerry’s printer, which jammed, and after I cleared the jam and restarted everything, it refused to print again
- Skype
- Audacity (I think I have to make sure to un-mute when I shut down, because it seems like booting up with “master mute” on shuts off the mic input even if I turn “master mute” off)

I really should have planned this trip better. I ghost-wrote for an astrologer for years and while I’m rusty on what knowledge I picked up, one of my pet projects was writing daily “tech horoscopes” and I should’ve thought to check Mercury before I set my travel dates. LOL

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  • 1 kosmonaut // Mar 25, 2006 at 4:30 pm

    Uh oh …. sending you some good-tech mojo.